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Welcome to my Love Healing and Miracles podcast page. As an interfaith angel minister who channels love, healing and miracles from God, the angels and other beings of light, I help both people and pets heal and move forward with more grace, balance and ease. The content of my podcasts will include talks, meditations, readings, segments from counseling and healing sessions, teleseminars on spirituality and healing, online interviews and so much more. I will also be including talks that I do with my husband who is my Twin Flame and partner in love, healing and miracles. For more information on how I can help you to “break through” to more joy, health and abundance and “break free” from past limitations, go to On my website, you can also download for free 10 of the 25 ways from each of my two e-books, “25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog” and “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life.” May my podcasts help you and inspire you to live a happier and more fulfilling life filled with so much love, healing and miracles.
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May 13, 2018

Since my husband Sharbel and I moved from NJ to CA in July of 2015, it has been quite an interesting journey with so many twists and turns, challenges and lessons. But through it all, there have always been so many blessings and so much grace.

In this podcast, I share some of what we went through. We had four moves within three years within San Diego. There were difficult issues in initially selling our home in NJ, in renting it and in being long-distance landlords, and in supporting two expensive bi-coastal residences.

Although we went through so much, we always felt guided and supported by Spirit and were always in deep surrender, faith and trust.

Our fourth move was to a beautiful new home selected for us by God and the angels situated in the scenic hills of San Diego’s North County. It wasn’t even on the market when we found it! We are always so grateful for lessons learned through contrast and for all the grace available to us when we stay open to it.

Perhaps you are going through some challenges and need to be reminded to stay open to all the blessings and grace always available to you. When you shift your vibrational frequency to one of hopeful expectancy, gratitude and joy, blessings and grace will surely follow.

Jan 2, 2018

Our pets have such beautiful and sweet hearts. They read our thoughts and want us to be happy. Warming us at night and helping us stay active during the day, they make us laugh and can make us cry. Always showing us the importance of play and balance in our lives, they also teach us the art of loving unconditionally. They are truly such pure Grace in our lives.

In the post, I share the story of how my dog Harry came into my life and how Spirit insisted that he arrive to help heal my heart.

Dec 25, 2017

I hope you have been enjoying a beautiful holiday weekend filled with laughter, love, friendship and fun. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To those celebrating other holidays at this time of year, I wish for you so many blessings too!

The archangel Ananchel, the Angel of Grace, was whispering in my ear this week. She wanted me to share a message with you at this blessed time of year. It is a message not only about Grace, but about Hope and Miracles and so many Blessings. To listen to this message from Ananchel, click here.

You are a child of the Most High God and are so worthy and deserving of Grace, Blessings and Miracles. May 2018 be a year of so much love, hope, joy and abundance for you and your family. And may you continue to open your heart to the Grace that is always available to you and to us all.

Oct 31, 2017

Are you struggling with issues that keep repeating in your life? Has life become more of a battle and an uphill climb than something you want to enjoy and celebrate?

Perhaps you might be ready to play, shift and transform in the beautiful and grace-filled heart-centered M-Joy Fields. When you set the intention to connect with these special M-Joy morphic fields, they respond immediately and are listening to all that your heart wants to share and manifest. Your intention to connect sets the fields in motion.

Melissa Joy Jonsson, the creator of the M-Joy Fields, has the gift of being able to take very technical and complex mathematical and metaphysical concepts and transform them into pearls of very understandable wisdom.

Using language to illuminate and intention to direct morphic M-JOY Fields, Melissa Joy has created an interconnected and magnificent system to help with all manner of problems in our often challenging human existence. It is her intention for the channeled information that has flowed through her to help others live more positive, abundant, joyful, heart-centered lives. To learn more about the M-Joy Fields and my experience in her “Integrative” seminar, click here.

Oct 23, 2017

Sara Carson and her dog Hero made it all the way to the top five of the popular show “America’s Got Talent (AGT).” They both stole my heart along with her other dog Loki. I found her story so heartwarming. She is only 22 and has accomplished so much already, teaching her dogs many different tricks and activities. She is so talented and gifted as a trainer.

Her family didn’t believe in her and never wanted her to work with dogs. But AGT judge Simon Cowell surely did. It was his efforts that helped her get the opportunity to showcase all the amazing work she has done with her dogs.

I love the videos I found showing how it all started for Sara and Hero and just how truly gifted Hero was at a very young age. I also adored the love letter she read while on the show to Hero who seemed to be most proud that he was a good brother. His response to what she shared made me smile and what she shared touched my heart.

Sara also showed us all how determination and persistence can help catapult us to places we never dreamed possible. And she has done it with passion and purpose and so much love. I invite you to check out my blog and applaud the accomplishments of the dynamic duo of Sara and Hero and the talented trio of Sara, Hero and Loki.

What my blog also recognizes is how our dogs are always rescuing us and gracing our lives in such blessed ways. Take time today to give your dog a special hug of appreciation. And I hope you get a chance to check out my latest blog. Maybe it will inspire you and touch your heart too.

Sep 27, 2017

Are you on fire with passion and purpose? Do you feel inspired and ready to claim your next victory? In the 2017 U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, many competitors displayed their full-on passion and purpose. None did so as well as Rafael Nadal, who won the Men’s Singles Tournament. The women’s champion, Sloane Stephens, also played some phenomenal tennis after recovering from a serious foot injury.

In this podcast, I speak about Nadal, Stephens and other U.S. Open players who inspired so many. I also share about other top performers, including winning Superbowl Champion, quarterback Tom Brady, a top best-in-show award-winning dog named Kirby, Author and Personal Development Coach Brendon Burchard and Motivational Speaker John O’Leary.

We can all learn important lessons from these top performers. When going into resonance with all that they bring to their games, we can feel their strength and determination and be inspired to seek our own passion and purpose. John O’Leary encourages us all to live our lives “on fire” with passion and purpose. You can check out my accompanying blog post.  May this podcast inspire you to think about your own passion and purpose and help you align with the Source that creates worlds. I wish you love, healing and miracles and to be on fire with your passion and purpose.

Sep 12, 2017

Parts of the United States have been experiencing the devastating effects of hurricanes during this very active season in September 2017. Many who have pets may be wondering what they can do to help their beloved pets feel better in the midst of so much turmoil and stress.

Those who work in shelters may also be feeling overwhelmed as traumatized animals are admitted in large numbers. It is so important for guardians and shelter workers to do as much as they can to help pets feel safe, comfortable and well cared for.

In this iTunes Podcast, I share ways that guardians can prepare to help keep their pets as calm as they can when disasters strike. From being very prepared with the right equipment, pictures and other items, to staying positive, talking to their pets, and using music, Tellington TTouch and TTouch body wraps, I share about these and other ways in the podcast. I also share many links to articles in my blog post. I invite you to listen to my podcast. I hope you will never have to plan on how to best take care of your beloved pet in a natural disaster. But if you ever do, what I share can be very helpful for both you and your pet. 

Sep 5, 2017

In the wake of all the destruction and devastation left behind in Houston, TX, by Hurricane Harvey, Rev. Donna El Haber shares a special prayer. Talking to God and the Angels, Rev. Donna sends out a plea from her heart for healing and restoration for the city of Houston and its citizens. She also recognizes the work of responders and volunteers who risked their lives to save so many. She hopes her Quantum Prayer will uplift the hearts of those citizens and others deeply affected by their losses. In her prayer, she affirms that there will “beauty for the ashes” and something better ahead for all.

Aug 27, 2017

Hope is such an important ingredient in all our lives. It is the spark that can ignite the fire of desire, always providing an opening even in the darkest of circumstances. Those fighting for their survival always have hope they will be rescued or find a way against all odds to move past challenges whether through their own persistence, the help of others or through spiritual intervention and miracles.

I created a special guided meditation that channels the wisdom of Phanuel, the Angel of Hope. To hear this uplifting meditation and to read more about the importance of hope in our lives, click here. In this blog post, I talk about suicide and share excerpts from a poem I wrote back when I was in college after being affected by the suicide of a talented comedian. I also share links to both a song and sermon about hope.

Often accompanied by trust, faith and surrender, hope is like the wind that helps fan the fire of all your desires. Hope is also like a big balloon that keeps your longings and desires, and all the good you want to manifest in your life, airborne and sailing on high. They are just waiting to land and manifest into physical form at the right time and place. May Phanuel help inspire you and open your heart to more hope, joy and love in your life.

Aug 21, 2017

One day your dog is fine and the next day he just can’t stop itching? You wonder what happened and what you can do to help him. It seems your dog has reached a tipping point and his immune system is under siege. In my blog post, I write about ways to help heal your itchy dog.

This symptom is unfortunately a very common phenomenon given current vaccination protocols, pharma drugs that suppress symptoms and diets that don’t agree with your dog’s digestive system. Additionally, there are environmental and other toxins that our dogs’ immune systems have to cope with, along with all the stresses they experience either on their own or through our own challenges.

I offer a wealth of information in this post. If you currently have an itchy dog or a dog prone to allergies and yeast infections, you will find a lot of positive information to help your dog feel better.

Aug 13, 2017

In this guided meditation, I call on Ramaela, the Angel of Joy, to share her message with us. She offers some profound wisdom and guidance. This meditation is simultaneously relaxing and uplifting.

In asking you to recall times of greatest joy in your own life, and in sharing examples of joy, Ramaela raises the vibrations of all who listen to what she has to share. She reminds us about the simplicity of joy and also of its keen importance as our birthright.

When we are in joy and vibrating at higher energetic levels, we open the door to our vibrational vortex where so many blessings and so much grace await us. May your heart open to joy as you listen to this meditation. Ramaela is just a thought away to uplift your spirits and help guide you emotionally and energetically to receive all the joy you so richly deserve.

Aug 5, 2017

Did you ever wonder what’s going on in your pet’s mind and why he behaves in a certain way? You actually can get some revealing answers when you work with an animal communicator. Animal communication, at the very least, can be fun, and at the very best, can provide invaluable information and help deepen your bond with your pet.

As an animal communicator, I have helped many guardians and pets strengthen their bond and improve health, behavioral and emotional issues.

You understand your pet better than anyone else, but sometimes, however, it is enlightening for someone else to hear and intuit what your pet is thinking and feeling. You just might learn something completely new and different.

To find out what I learned about my dog Socrates that I never knew in an animal communication session, and to learn more about the benefits of having an animal communication session and how it works, I invite you to listen to my podcast and read my blog post.  Consider having an animal communication session for your pet. It might help you and your pet in ways you never thought possible.

Jul 30, 2017

In 2015, while still in New Jersey, my husband and I took a break and spent some sweet time in beautiful Colonial Park. While there, I did a meditation that was inspired by all the birds singing and flying by. This podcast is about our sacred time there. The meditation I recorded and this podcast are gifts from my heart.

Please take a brief time out to listen to this podcast and my meditation to refresh your soul. When we are uplifted and inspired, it is much easier to be creative and expansive. You can find the meditation itself at You can also read my blog post here.

When you listen, see if you receive any messages from Spirit or from the beautiful birds. Please forward this meditation to anyone you know in need of a sweet time out during the day.

Wishing you beautiful breaks in your day and lots of nourishment for your soul,

Rev. Donna El Haber

Jul 22, 2017

You are a wonderful guardian, but sometimes the unexpected happens. You suddenly find that your pet is missing and you are shaken to your core. This important podcast is to help guardians move forward in proactive ways if their pets are ever lost.

When pets are lost, in addition to the grief and shock guardians feel, there often is blame and shame and so much worry, fear and anguish.

I recommend that guardians release all negative emotional energy and get quickly to work finding their pets. I hope you never need the information in this podcast, but if you or anyone else does, it might mean the difference between finding your pet or not having the reunion you are hoping for.

I experienced this kind of loss briefly with three different pets. I share my experiences with you, offer many resources, and also share important emotional and metaphysical wisdom to help get you through to a positive outcome.

Go give your safe pet a big hug now and read my post so you know what to do if the unexpected ever happens to you. Please share this information with other guardians. And always strive to hold on to your faith even if you must also be in surrender and trust to the will of the divine and to the higher plan for you and your pet.

Jul 15, 2017

When was the last time that you overrode your challenges and just starting moving around, feeling free and light, and having fun anyway? I share a podcast on dancing with joy and freedom to help raise your vibration. It’s about entreating you to let your inner child out to play, to dance and sing and just have fun.

I speak about some inspirational dance shows and dancers and about the health benefits of dance and lots more. I also suggest a variety of songs to help inspire you and get you up and moving. Dancing is one of the easiest of ways I know to help shift your vibration and uplift your mood. Give this joyful gift of dance to yourself today. Check my blog post and give this gift of dance to yourself today.

When you dance, you raise your vibration. When you do that, you open the door to all the good that awaits you in your vortex of positive possibilities.

Jul 8, 2017

Tellington TTouch® is a remarkable way of working with animals to help them heal and feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally, enabling them to gain confidence and balance on many levels. It is also such a loving, kind and gentle way of working with animals that involves respect, compassion and empathy.

Using special TTouches, lifts and strokes that affect animals on a cellular level, TTouch also offers an array of recommended equipment, from harnesses and leads to calming bands, wraps, and so much more to affect behavior and an animal’s central nervous system.

TTouch also invites animals to walk within and explore different sensations and experiences on a TTouch confidence course. And beneath all of these many diverse, innovative and effective elements is the beautiful foundation that TTouch is built upon. That magnificent foundation includes love, integrity, respect and compassion, along with always seeing an animal’s “potential for perfection.”

The brilliant, intuitive and creative force behind Tellington TTouch is Linda Tellington-Jones who turned 80 on July 30, 2017. I was fortunate to be on an online call on her special day, where a number of people from around the world called in to wish her a happy birthday and to share their experiences of how she had affected their lives and the lives of the animals they love in such positive ways.

I hope you enjoy this podcast where I talk about the wonders of Tellington TTouch and pay tribute to its remarkable and amazingly creative and energetic creator, Linda Tellington-Jones. I provide an array of resources in my blog so you can begin to learn more about this wonderful way of working with animals to help them feel better on so many levels. I encourage you, as Linda always shares, “to see the potential for their perfection.”

Jul 4, 2017

On this special day of freedom and independence, I want to wish you a very Happy Fourth of July. Amidst the celebrations and fireworks, I encourage you to think about your own personal freedom and what it means to you. Are you feeling free and liberated in your life or are you feeling trapped?

In my podcast, I share ways of exploring how free you feel, and ways to shift from the negative to the positive. I talk about my day at the San Diego Fair and how it affected me emotionally and my own sense of freedom. I offer quotes and a poem about freedom. If you are longing for more freedom and want to learn about ways to shift so you can experience more freedom in your life, I invite you to listen to this podcast.

If you have a chance, please also check out the full post that has links to meditations, songs about freedom and other audios at

On this Fourth of July, I wish you love, healing and miracles, and lots of fun and so much freedom.

Jun 24, 2017

Have you ever felt as though you were hanging onto a cliff and about to fall off? Have you ever felt as though there was a giant wave coming at you, feeling like it could toss you about and leave you weak and broken like a limp rag doll?  What happened for you? Did you fall or were you rescued?

In this podcast, I share about the many challenges my husband and I have gone through since our relationship began in November 2011, and since we were married in June of 2014. Following our marriage, we moved across country from NJ to California. And then in California, we had to move twice, once when our home in NJ did not sell, and then when my husband landed another job in California.

I also talk about an image that kept reappearing to me during these recent challenging times. It is an image that has come to symbolize the magic of grace that can come anytime and anywhere. It is both unexpected and so welcome.

This podcast is meant to inspire and uplift you and to let you know that the magic of grace is meant for us all, especially when we feel as though we will fall off the cliff and when our survival is at stake. I have spoken to a number of people recently who don’t even know whether they will be able to afford their rents here in California and their survival is truly at stake. May the Angel of Grace, Ananchel, be around you and may she surprise you unexpectedly with all your heart desires. God and the angels always love to surprise us with miracles and grace. I also talk about ways we can co-create and maintain positive thoughts so that we are aligned with the frequencies of abundance and grace.

Jun 17, 2017

Harboring hurt and anger in your heart can affect everything in your life, including your health, career, relationships and finances. Making the choice to forgive everyone who has ever hurt you and also to forgive yourself can pave the way to a life that is more open to love, joy, abundance and fulfillment.

When you choose forgiveness, you raise your vibration, connect more deeply to the Divine and to others, and allow so much healing to happen. Forgiveness is more for your own benefit and well-being than for anyone else.

I invite you to open your heart and listen to my podcast on forgiveness. It just might be the best gift you can give yourself today. Listen to what I share about a young woman I met with cancer and about Dr. Wayne Dyer’s personal story of forgiveness that transformed his whole life.

In my e-book, “25 Ways to Attract More Love Into Your Life,” forgiving others is one of the ways. Forgiving others cannot just help you attract more love into your life. It can also transform so many other areas of your life and help you shift from anger to peace and joy.

Wishing you so much love and healing, so many miracles, and oceans of forgiveness,

Jun 10, 2017

My husband and I recently attended our first musical freestyle equestrian event at the Del Mar, CA, Fairgrounds. In a big tented, open-air arena, we witnessed many amazing competitors. The first group was vying for a $1,000 prize and the second group of riders was competing for a $5,000 prize.

It was inspirational to see so many competitors having so much fun in the ring, doing what they had spent so many years practicing to earn a prestigious spot among those competing at such a high level.

To find out more about my experience there and at a horse jumping show the following week, you can read my blog.

Jun 1, 2017

The time leading up to my family’s recent move in California was very stressful, as was the move itself and its aftermath. With so much stress, it was hard for me to stay calm, grounded, centered and balanced. When I am not feeling well emotionally, Spirit often reaches out to me with messages of encouragement. I invite you to listen to my podcast about how Spirit communicated with me in two very interesting ways to get my attention and to let me know all was going to be okay. Do you receive messages from your angels and other beings of light? Do you feel their support when you are stressed? Are you paying attention? The messages that come through always let us know how loved, guided and protected we all are.

Click here to learn more about how Spirit can surprise you and provide comfort and calm in the midst of stress and challenges.

Feb 19, 2017

Check my blog post here and listen to the chapter in my 25 Ways to Maintain a Happy and Healthy Dog e-book to learn more about the importance of creating a sense of safety and a safe environment for your dog.

Dec 11, 2016

At an Angelic Healing Circle I led, I did a meditation to get participants to focus on an issue they needed help with. The theme of that Angel Healing Circle was “Walking on Water” and the meditation beautifully reflects that theme. This meditation is my gift to you. You can use it to call in your angels and guides, to help boost your faith and face any challenge ahead. You can also use it to just relax and receive.


Dec 11, 2016

Ooniemme is the Angel of Gratitude. Listen to this meditation to help shift your focus and mood to one of gratitude. When you do, you always lift your vibration and invite the Universe to gift you with so much more grace in your life. Gratitude can become a powerful force to help all the good that awaits you in your metaphysical vortex to manifest more quickly. Gratitude is a way to give thanks to all the blessings, both simple and grand, that are already in your life. Shifting to gratitude is just a way to begin seeing your life anew as though you put on new glasses with a different focus. What you see can raise your vibration and help shift your mood and emotions as well. To read more about the blessings of gratitude, you can read one of the first blog posts I wrote about it here.

Dec 11, 2016

Uzziel is the Angel of Faith. The picture on the Angel of Faith card is one of Jacob wrestling with the Angel of Faith all night before letting go and surrendering his will in faith to God’s will. If you are in a time in your life when your faith is being challenged and you would like it renewed, let Uzziel help you strengthen the faith that will help chart your powerful course and see you through to better days ahead filled with the grace that faith always promises. Faith can be a kind of fuel to help propel you forward toward expansion, creation and the fulfillment of your promise and potential.

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